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This launch was a killer multi-six figure launch! I am so blown away at how God has shown up in my Christian online coaching business. Today I am breaking down the results with you and giving you the behind the scenes insight on all the details. These results are INSANE! You will get the full breakdown of launch numbers, expenses, and converted leads. This has been the biggest launch I’ve had to date and I am so excited to share with you. $215,530 REVENUE!!!


One thing I noticed compared to the previous launches I’ve completed in my coaching business is my approach to RELENTLESSLY build my email list…My business model has become more of an evergreen business over the past year, but I’ve learned so much in terms of seasonality…There is a season for running an evergreen and a season for live launching…each of these are powerful in their own regards. 

I have started to develop a more holistic marketing calendar for the things that I am doing throughout the year. There is power in each element of the online business strategy.  If you are only relying on a live launch model, and not relying on the power of utilizing and maximizing the leads that have come into your business then you are wasting your efforts. It is vital to utilize the power of email and the power of implementing that personal touch. 


My team and I brought 27 new clients into our group coaching program. 50% of these clients were brand new leads that joined the email list last month. 10% were old friends and 40% were people who had been on my email list for 2-6 months. This launch was the ultimate example to show the power of intentionally and consistently building your email list. There is something to be said for showing up consistently, building a name for yourself, and then really perfecting everything that you do in your business and repeating it. 

My launch results were insane! Total revenue reached $215,530 with a profit of $195,085.50. Every single dollar I’ve spent in advertising in the last year was converting new clients. The clients that did not come in right away came later down the road. So my return on investment in advertisement does not always yield overnight. The benefit of live launching is being able to see an overnight return on your investment. 


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