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Can you take 6 weeks off and still make money in your business? The answer is: YES, you can! I just spent 6 amazing weeks in North Carolina on the beach with my family, resting and getting ready for this fall! I’ve got some changes coming up personally and some new things happening with Ashley June Co! We’re going to be changing things up a bit with the podcast, moving to sharing an episode once or twice a week to bring you the best content possible!

The Lord really laid upon my heart to focus on one evergreen strategy this year; it was time for a change and something new. Even with only focusing on one strategy, and taking time off to slow down this summer, I did not lose momentum in my business. I want to share with you how I made $50K working about 5 hours per week last month. 

In today’s Christian Business Podcast, I’ll share 3 steps I took to move towards this evergreen strategy and how I saw success in this process. It’s really amazing to see hard work pay off after sowing seeds diligently day by day. It’s not an accident, it was a journey! Join me to learn how you can implement these 3 steps for yourself!


Evergreen is a passive income strategy where you just run your funnels on autopilot. This step comes after creating all of your content, testing your funnels, and then letting it run on its own with only a few hours of maintenance and follow up each week. 

A $50K month didn’t happen overnight. The truth is, I set a small goal and I didn’t even hit it right away, but after a couple of months, I ended up hitting over my goal. I had to trust the process. Even when I was scared, I had to stick with it; small wins add up over time! In the process, I also had to let go of some of the tasks in my business that were just a time suck and really started to evaluate what was most important. Getting super focused on one strategy for an extended period of time allows you to cut out the extras. And then, ultimately, I waited. I had to wait for the Lord to do his thing in my waiting. 

In the end, simplicity won out. Growing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple! Sow daily into the strategy that you’ve committed to, even when you’re nervous. Keep your head down, focused on your work, and you will start to see a harvest.


Within my evergreen strategy, I spent time creating an epic experience for my client. I took a look at how they would feel at every point of my funnel–the thank you page, sales page, at check out, in my trainings, when their application was accepted…I examined every point in my funnel. I went back to what had worked for me previously and created an entire journey for my clients from start to finish. 

Making a personal connection with clients is a must–whether it’s automated or 1:1–it doesn’t have to be complicated. Buyers are ready to spend, but are hesitant about where to spend it. We have to make it an easy yes for them at every point of the way. Put yourself in their shoes and make that connection!


I have noticed that one of the biggest objections for buyers currently is that we’re in a season of recession. People are nervous about spending their money and they want to know they can actually build a business right now. Instead of creating something new, I simply took a Masterclass that I already had and rebranded it. I changed the name and made some small changes to the marketing in order to hit the current pain points of buyers. How can you take a piece of content you already have created and tweak it to speak to a current pain point for your buyers?

Another messaging piece I shifted was how I talk about my bonuses. Rather than sharing what the bonus is, I’ve started to talk about what they actually do for my clients, how it will help them, and how it will make the work easier for them. We must pay attention to the trends so we can get ahead of any objections to buying. This can happen by simply shifting your messaging. 

It’s time to step into a season of harvest. What comes after consistent sowing and faithfully implementing these steps? Harvest. It is coming!


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