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Building a business is challenging but having a network of like-minded people around you will make it a lot easier. Networking is powerful for building connections and will help you make money at the beginning stages of your business. You may be wondering why it is important and how do I build this network? Well, we are diving into all of that today. 

Building a new business comes with challenges

It can take a lot of time and effort to get a new business off the ground, especially when you don’t have many resources. I think networking is the ultimate jumpstart hack when it comes to building a new business quickly. This was true for me personally as an online Christian business coach, I booked $20K in students through my networks!

Build Authentic Relationships

I have built several friendships within and out of my industry. This gave me amazing contacts so I have people to do projects with, talk to, and collaborate with. To start, look for people in your industry that you know you can start conversations with. 

Make the Effort

Show up for people! People that you work with will know if you’re making an effort in your relationship with them. 

It’s a Numbers Game

Connect with as many people as you can! Make goals to connect with a certain amount of people each week to continue to grow your contacts. Build offers, collaborations, and relationships. 

We are called for community! It is important to form relationships with people not only in our business but also just in life. Networks will always give you strength. 


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