34. How Having Courage Gave Me A Bigger Pay Raise Than I Could Have Imagined


August 24, 2021


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One year ago I was working with other photographers helping them grow their businesses. While I enjoyed it, I knew I was meant to do more. Then, God started to prompt me to start speaking up and sharing the gospel. It was scary to step out in faith, but it led my business to a far greater place than I imagined!

When I first started sharing the truth, things were not all sunny and bright. There were a number of people who slandered my name, didn’t want to work with me, and didn’t want to be my friend. Even in the midst of all of that God brought me so much clarity and gave me a community of my people.  

After all of this, I realigned my business to be a faith-based business coach. Now, I can share my beliefs freely and build a community for people so they know they are not alone either. I have been so blessed, not only by the people in this community but also financially!

Authenticity connects you with your dream clients. I want to encourage you to HAVE COURAGE!


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