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Want more inquiries without paying for marketing? Then it’s time to start working on your SEO! I did this when I started my first business and it was a GREAT investment. I have been able to rank my previous photography business and my current faith-based business coaching business very high by working on my SEO. I know it can be scary, overwhelming, confusing, etc. so I want to break it down for you. Today I am giving you 3 SEO tips so you can get found on Google ASAP!

Know Your Keywords

Don’t start with super popular search terms. Start with less competitive keywords (ex. instead of using Denver Wedding Photographer, go for something like Denver Mountain Wedding Photographer) so you are more likely to be found. Think about what your ideal client will be searching for and if you don’t know, ask your friends and family for ideas. 

Link Back to Everything

SEO is not just your website, it is built through social media platforms, business listings, etc. So make sure to link back to your site consistently. This could look like linking things in your blog post back to your home page, making sure your Google listing uses your keywords, or using keywords in your podcast’s show notes (if you have a podcast). By doing this, you’re telling Google, Bing, etc. that your site is relevant. Also, this is where connections with others can make a big difference! Connect with other people in your industry. You can comment keywords on each other’s blog posts, do guest posting on their blog, etc. which will also help boost your SEO.

Blog Consistently

Blogging is helpful because it’s telling Google you’re updating your site and you’re active. Get in the habit and commit to blogging once a week. When creating blog posts attach keywords to your images, use keywords in your post, hyperlink back to your main website, and make sure you write enough!

Just making a few of these small changes will yield big results. I know this because it has helped me so much as a Christian business coach. Boosting your SEO is a great lead diversifier for your business and will give your business another channel for lead generation.


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