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On today’s She’s Wild and Radiant podcast, I’m taking you through the highs and lows of my 2023 journey, unveiling 22 invaluable lessons that can truly impact your online business, coaching efforts, or course-based business. Whether you’re on the brink of starting a business or fervently looking to scale your business, consider this your invitation to glean insights from yours truly, a passionate Christian business coach

1. Building a Life of Freedom in Stages

This year has been about slowly disconnecting from the systems that once defined us. We transitioned from corporate life to being fully home, focusing on real estate projects. It’s been a journey of reshaping our family life, stepping out of the corporate world, and embracing homeschooling. This change wasn’t easy, but it’s been incredibly rewarding. Embracing this change meant overcoming fears and uncertainties, yet the freedom it brought was exhilarating.

2. Delegation and System Building

I’ve learned the art of training people to carry the vision of my business. By investing in systems and processes, I’ve managed to free up over 90% of my workload. This year was a testament to the power of letting go and trusting my team, especially evident in our recent podcast promotion for ‘She Speaks’. It showed me that growth and expansion are possible when we empower others.

3. The Weight of Leadership

Leadership has been one of my greatest challenges and achievements. It’s about recognizing your shortcomings and continuously striving to improve. As my children grow and my business expands, the pressures of leadership only intensify. It’s a tough but rewarding journey. This process has taught me the value of humility and the power of leading by example.

4. The Power of Habits

Habits have been a crucial focus for me. Growing up in a busy family, I learned the importance of good habits the hard way. Now, I understand that the right habits are essential for success in both personal life and business. Developing good habits has meant breaking old patterns, which is often challenging but always rewarding.

5. Common Challenges at Similar Stages

This year, I’ve realized that most people face similar challenges at similar stages, especially in marketing and business growth. It’s a pattern I’ve observed among my clients and in my own journey. This realization has fostered a sense of community and understanding among my peers and me.

6. Clarity: The Dream Maker

Lack of clarity can be a major obstacle. While we may never have perfect clarity, it’s essential to have a direction. Without it, we risk falling into apathy and stagnation. This year, I’ve learned to wrestle for clarity in my goals and dreams. Achieving clarity has sometimes meant taking bold steps and making tough decisions.

7. Lead Generation: Vital for Growth

Effective lead generation has been a key focus. The efforts we put in now significantly impact future results. I experienced this firsthand with a successful advertising strategy that paid off months later. This approach has underscored the importance of strategic planning and long-term vision.

8. Adapting to Shifting Seasons

Life is full of shifting seasons. This year, from homeschooling to traveling to Costa Rica, I’ve learned the importance of adapting to God’s plan and embracing the freedom it brings to our family. These experiences have taught me the beauty of flexibility and the joy of unexpected adventures.

9. Overcoming Excuses

Excuses are often the biggest barriers to progress. This year, I’ve focused on taking extreme ownership and moving beyond excuses to make real changes in my life and business. Overcoming excuses has meant confronting fears and taking steps even when the outcome is uncertain.

10. The Power of Accountability

Accountability has made a significant difference in my family life and business. Bringing challenges to God and seeking support from others can lead to breakthroughs and positive changes. Establishing accountability has sometimes been a humbling experience, but always a transformative one.

11. Demystifying Facebook Ads

I’ve learned that Facebook ads aren’t as complicated as they seem. Many miss out on growth opportunities by not taking the time to learn this valuable skill. My journey with Facebook ads has taught me the value of embracing new technologies and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world.

12. The Need for Community

Since 2020, I’ve felt isolated from my local community. This year, I’ve started to feel a pull towards re-engaging with those around me, indicating a new season of community and connection. Rebuilding these connections has been a process of rediscovery and has brought new energy to my personal and professional life.

13. Adapting Strategies for New Seasons

What worked in the past might not work now. This year has been about being open to new methods and strategies, understanding that each season requires a different approach. This adaptation has meant letting go of past successes and being brave enough to try new things.

14. Being Careful with Trust

We had an experience where trust was broken, which taught me to be more cautious. It’s vital to recognize that not everyone has your best interests at heart and to set boundaries accordingly. Learning to trust wisely has been a journey of discernment and sometimes, forgiveness.

15. Evergreen Funnels and Live Events

I’ve learned that evergreen funnels not only work on their own but also strengthen live events. They provide a consistent way to engage and convert audiences. This discovery has revolutionized the way I approach my business, making it more sustainable and efficient.

16. Mastering One Skill at a Time

Focusing on mastering one skill at a time has been a key strategy for me. Whether it was SEO in my photography business or another aspect of my current venture, this approach has led to significant growth. This focused approach has meant sometimes saying no to good opportunities to pursue great ones.

17. Dynamic Nature of Team Building

We’re undergoing a team change, with our OBM branching out on her own. It’s been a mix of emotions, but it’s also an opportunity to adapt and grow. Building a team is dynamic, and each change brings new challenges and opportunities. This experience has taught me the value of resilience and adaptability in leadership.

18. Shifting Marketing Messages

Your marketing message will evolve with each season. My focus has shifted from being on the business battlefield to building for generations, a change that reflects the evolution of my business and personal life. This shift has meant reevaluating my priorities and aligning my actions with my long-term vision.

19. Trusting God’s Timing

God will grow your business at the right time. This year, I’ve learned the importance of not rushing or delaying but trusting in His timing for growth and opportunities. Learning to trust in God’s timing has meant practicing patience and faith, even when the path isn’t clear.

20. Balancing Family and Business

Balancing business pushes with family life is challenging. While it’s hard on the family, it’s also beneficial. It’s about embracing the tough seasons while maintaining overall family well-being. Finding this balance has been a constant learning process, involving give and take from all family members.

21. The Joy and Challenge of Homeschooling

Homeschooling has been an amazing yet challenging journey. It’s incredible to be so integrated into my children’s learning, even though it means moving at a slower pace. Homeschooling has been a journey of discovery, patience, and sometimes, trial and error.

22. Simplicity of Marketing

Marketing is simple in concept, but execution is where the real challenge lies. It’s about putting energy behind your creations and setting up effective processes. This insight has been pivotal for me this year. Mastering marketing execution has involved a lot of experimentation, learning, and sometimes, stepping outside of my comfort zone.

As we step into 2024, I’m feeling renewed and excited for the changes ahead. Stay tuned for something special next month for those ready to scale their coaching businesses. Let’s continue to grow together in faith, business, and life!


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