150. Rebel Against Employee Culture and Build the Holy-Spirit Inspired Coaching Business God Called You To! (Goshen Coaching Series Episode 1 of 7)

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We are not meant to sit here on the earth and just work for other people! Often, we get so employee minded, and it’s time to stop being ok with just building other people’s dreams! This Christian Podcast will inspire you to go do what God has called you to do. Many of you have been playing it safe for a long time and it is time for a change. 


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Before we go deeper into today’s episode, I want to welcome you to this Goshen Coaching Series of podcasts. The reason I am doing this series is because I really want to point you in the right direction. The Lord creates Goshens. Goshen is in the Bible, with the story of Joseph. Joseph’s family went and resided in Goshen during the famine. There, they were protected with their needs being met, while other places around them were suffering. Goshen became a safe haven for them. God also has a Goshen for us! However, you will never get to that Goshen place if you keep playing it safe! We are going to be in this Goshen series for the next seven weeks. 

We are so employee minded. We truly need to stop being ok with building other people’s dreams. We need to be ok with building our dreams. There is a place to work for somebody, but you need to get to the point where you start building your own dreams. Get Out Of The Grind! You are not designed to just be a cog in the wheel. God gave us each our own identity, with our own personality, and purpose. Nobody else on the earth is you! God did not create me to work in the employee world.

Take an inventory of your past. Think about if you have been the type of person that has taken ownership over your dreams and your future. Or, have you decided that you want to be the employee? Are you in a place where you really want to be? Are you making decisions for your dreams that will help them come true? God is not about playing it safe! He will often ask you to do things that don’t make sense. 

In 2018, I left my successful photography business and started over from ground zero to build a completely new business. I did what was absolutely not comfortable. Out of obedience, I stepped into something that made sense for a lot of people. 

Sometimes we have to let go of the past and step into the future! Think of Lot’s wife who looked back and became a pillar of salt. When you make a decision in the new thing and you keep looking back, you will not thrive! 


We don’t want to disappoint people. Are you afraid of telling people your big dreams? Maybe you have already built a business that failed and you are scared to build again. Perhaps you got a degree that you no longer want to use. 

In high school, I was one of those kids that wanted to do all the things. Being the perfect student academically wasn’t my main focus. My friends all thought that I wasn’t going to succeed because of this. This led me to believing, for a long time, that I wasn’t as smart as other people. However, here I am today, running a business that I absolutely love. Our family has so much financial freedom and God has blessed us immensely! All this happened because I was willing to go against the grain! I wasn’t afraid to be a person that wasn’t employee minded! 


If you are not willing to invest in the dreams that God has given you, why would others invest in you? Sometimes we can hold on so tightly to things, but not actually advance! My family is in the financial place that we are today because we have taken risks! We had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Your money is worth nothing to you if you lose your life. Your money is a tool that God wants you to steward well and use for positive influence. Some of us hold on so tightly to our money that we have made it an idol. If you do this, you will not advance. Diversify your risks. Take your money, invest it, and see tons of return. God praises this type of person in the Parable of the Talents. Why are we so scared to do this? 


We are often lukewarm individuals and we don’t want to go all in. We need to fully commit to a path! If we try to do too many things at once, we will fail. Be open to doing things SO SO good. Lukewarm people are only at hobby status. So many wear this hobby status like a badge instead of truly being all in to build their business. Be All In! Be Committed! There will be seasons where you need to sacrifice something to make that dream happen. Ask yourself, am I not really going all in because I am afraid of commitment? I want to see you guys thrive. Clarity Comes With ACTION! 

You have been called to set people free. So, why are you waiting? There are so many people that need to be set free and you are their option. In our business, we help coaches build faith-based businesses. We are helping lots of women launch a variety of coaching dreams and are making those dreams a reality. We are creating an army of coaches that go and help people in the faith-based world. People are ripe for the harvest and are waiting on you. 

You Are Called To Set People Free. What are you waiting for? I am excited to help you more with this. Go sign up for the Set Apart Launch! We will be meeting live for two whole weeks. Avoid DIY’ing it alone and come learn my process. Learn how to build a coaching business that is truly like God has designed and wants for you. Let me teach you what I know and encourage you to step out on the path that God has designed. Go sign up for the Set Apart Launch and I will see you there on September 25th!


The Set Apart Launch is coming back! Come join us for two weeks of live training. You will receive SO much great information for building your Christian coaching business. You will not want to miss this. Let me teach you what I have learned and encourage you to step into your God designed plan. We are starting on September 25th, So Sign Up Here Now! 

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