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After running through a recent workshop series in the last couple of weeks as a Christian Business Coach, I’ve been thinking a lot about how women sabotage their wealth. There are so many ways that women can sabotage wealth, but a huge thing that was on my heart was how they unknowingly limit their opportunity and quench their blessing through bad decision making. Today we’re talking all about the ways women destroy their potential in starting a business and break promises to themselves and others. 

It blows my mind how many women think that they are entitled to being given exceptions. I am all for exceptions in terms of truly helping somebody who is grateful! However, in the business world we have created a climate of special exceptions where everyone thinks that they are owed something or do not have to honor their agreements. This has created a boundary issue. 

When people feel entitled to exceptions, they are crossing the boundaries of the business owner. So as a business owner, I encourage you ladies to hold firm and fair boundaries with your clients and to not be guilted into “that is not loving.” If you are a boundary pusher, I encourage you to be grateful for what people have given you, and to be truly focused on having integrity in everything that you do.

I can’t say this enough, but women who do not honor their financial commitments will never be successful in business. It is not the job of your coach or somebody else to want your success more than you want it yourself. This is why I offer no refunds/require payback with payment plans and hold all of my clients to the same standards when it comes to joining our programs, because I can’t do the work for them. 

When you go on this adventure of building a business, you are going to face incredible amounts of resistance that you are going to have to learn to work through. Accountability is not just in making a financial commitment to somebody, but it’s in actually showing up and doing the work. When you make a financial commitment, that acts as an extra source of accountability to make sure that you are building and staying focused on what God has called you to do. But it’s very clear in the Bible that the wicked will not have prosperity and success. If there is something that you have done, or something that you have stolen (especially from a fellow brother or sister in Christ), you need to repent and restore immediately if you really want God to work in your business and in your life. If you don’t, know that you will be running from this for the rest of your life. You have the opportunity to do the right thing today.

Another problem that I have noticed is that too many women think too small. When we think too small, it quenches the dreams that God has given us and quenches our ability to actually keep putting our head down day to day, and work towards the big goal. Most of us give up too early, and then wonder why we weren’t successful and then play the victim. That’s not how God works, he asks us to sow before we reap and sometimes the sowing process will feel like a really long and frustrating time. The thing is, we want to make sure that we are not limiting God with our own small dreams, and that we really ask him what his vision is for the future, and then get to work like a good steward.

At the end of the day, we have to stop breaking promises to ourselves, to others, and to Jesus. I know that this is hard and we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, but the thing is we do not have to be a slave to sin. We can be a slave to Christ. But it takes restoration, atonement, repentance in order to step into the blessing that God has for us. If we don’t do that, we are not ready to even accept a blessing if it came our way, because we wouldn’t know how to steward it well. Be encouraged that if you’ve made horrible decisions, you can make a change today. Go make it right with your brother and sister in Christ right this moment, and you will be amazed at what God will do next.


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