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Today on the Christian Business Podcast, She’s Wild + Radiant, I’m answering the very common question: “Should my business be outwardly faith-based and should I only market to Christians?” I’m sharing my own story of struggling to step into a faith-based business. I’m also diving into how you can navigate answering these questions for yourself as you start an online business or make a pivot in your business. Whether you are a coach or course creator, or have a service-based business, God can totally change your heart and help you build a business the way he wants you to!

We’re truly tapping into the ultimate question: where are you called? 


In 2013, I was fired from a corporate job for standing up for my beliefs. As a result, I adopted the attitude, much like Scarlett O’Hara, “I will never go hungry again”. I knew I wanted to build something that could not be taken away from me – but I built it in my own strength. The business was profitable and I put my heart into it, but I also realized that the business didn’t allow me to really be myself. 

Through the photography business, I connected with others in my community, built friendships, and created an amazing business. But looking back, I also realize that I was influenced by people who were not Christians. My faith faded to the background because I wasn’t around people who were lifting me up and encouraging me to be walking in my faith. 

In 2018, I decided to close down my photography business as I transitioned into something new. At this time, I wasn’t living in alignment with God’s plan for my business, which left me open to attacks. I bought into the lie that I needed to separate my faith from my business. In 2020, God called me to pivot even further, calling me to begin to speak up about what was right. I was done self-censoring.


There is no middle ground. We have to decide who we will serve and what we will live for. When I started to authentically step into God’s calling for my life, I had an incredible level of support, and was able to reap an amazing harvest. 

God has called us to be a light on the hill – in the way he has called us to work. Our lives should be an example that others look up to – and that means sharing our faith boldly. Whether you create a faith-based business or not, your faith is part of who you are, and God wants you to step into what he has called you to do. 


For me to show up as who God created me to be, I choose to work with Christians now. I am called to mentor and equip those who are more mature in their faith, or want to be. In the past, I’ve been called to other places, but something dawned on me that maybe this space is meant to protect everything around me. 

God has called you somewhere specific. When you first start out in online business, you might not know where that place is. Be open to where God is leading you and know that following his calling is really the best place to be. 

We need Christians to buy from. We need Christians in the online world! Working with other Christians in business – from the wellness field to counseling to business coaching – is such a blessing, but it can be hard to find other, similar, Holy Spirit-filled entrepreneurs. It’s time for you to do what God has called you to do, in your own way!


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