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That’s a wrap…2022 is coming to a close both personally and in our online businesses! Today on the Christian Business Podcast, I’m sharing what’s coming up in the world of online coaching! I’m also going behind the scenes at Ashley June Co. and what we’ve been up to in our online coaching business over the last 12 months.


  1. The Year of Evergreen – I put my business on autopilot this year. I still did live launches, but I focused on an evergreen model for selling.
  2. Seasonality Lessons – Different models have unique seasons to them that will ebb and flow throughout the year. I’ve paid attention to what is happening in my own business as I’ve shifted towards a more evergreen sales funnel.
  3. Confidence in My Leadership and Business Decisions – I have felt more confident in making decisions for myself, and not relying on other coaches and sales strategies to be successful. I need to go out and activate what I have learned.
  4. Outsourcing Doesn’t Always Help – Hiring someone to help you isn’t always a “quick fix”, as I have learned for myself this year. Sometimes the best option is to keep your business in house. Trust yourself.
  5. Lord’s Timing – Sometimes we’re ready to charge ahead, but oftentimes he wants us to slow down and he always wants us to trust his timing. I also am more aware of my own need for Leadership growth and development to take my business to the next level.
  6. Nurturing is Key – I’m finally finding my rhythm and flow in the regular nurturing and building relationship with my audience.
  7. Weather the Storm – It’s harder to navigate and sell right now in the online world. But, when we can weather the storm, everything will work itself out! 
  8. Kingdom Economy – We can help each other, and protect one another as we weather this storm. My mission is becoming much more focused on raising up and equipping leaders.
  9. Messaging Constantly Shifts – As we go through different seasons, our messaging will shift. Right now, I’m working on building different funnels for those different seasons. Build this isn’t your funnel proactively, instead of reactively. 
  10. Launching Isn’t Bad – You will always launch something! Be aware of listening to coaches who are saying that launching isn’t bad – they aren’t giving you the whole truth. Be wise about who you are listening to! 
  11. Target Client More Clear – In the past 6 months, I’ve gotten 1000x more clear on who my ideal client is. This makes marketing more clear, my offer more relevant, and finding leads more rewarding – I’m attracting the right people into my funnel!
  12. Motivated to Support – By putting my funnel on evergreen, I was able to dive into supporting my students. I love helping them get the breakthroughs they need!
  13. Long Form Content – This is really where we’re headed in the future. Podcasting and YouTube are a great place to get started. It’s time to diversify your content – I’ll be starting my own YouTube channel next year!
  14. Seeing the Returns of Consistent Marketing – I’m seeing returns from my marketing from the last 2 years. This has been through SEO, podcasting, and the work I’ve done on social media. I’m gaining clients through this long-term work.
  15. Gratitude – I am so grateful. Each day I wake up and love what I’m doing. My prayer of thanksgiving has really become “Oh, what He will do!”
  16. Social Media is Changing – It’s time to diversify (see #13). Things are changing and it’s time to get out of the IG or FB basket. Think long-term and what your strategy can be for the long form content off of social media.
  17. Great Time to Build a Business – It’s time to go ALL IN on building an online coaching or course based business. While others are holing up and sitting back, afraid – that leaves us space to step into! 

It’s time to step into the new year with victory! 2023 is not the time to sit back and wait in your online business – take what you’ve learned in this past year, pivot and tweak where needed, and get ready for the next 12 months of victory in your biz!


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