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Today on the podcast we’re celebrating a Selah Collective Student who launched her online business this fall! She launched her holy-spirit filled coaching program about 60 days after joining the program and had great success. If you are looking to start or launch an online business, listen in to be encouraged and inspired!

The word “launch” has gotten a bit of a bad name in the coaching world. But the truth is, everyone launches in one way or another. You can do it with a live webinar, or a multi-day program; it truly depends on what works best for your business.


Jackie says, “I started working with Ashley June at the very end of May. I think the first 2 phases took me the longest, as there was a lot I needed to work out as far as picking my course topic and getting really firm on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.”

This part of starting a business is one that many people like to skip, but it is so important for your future growth and sustainability! After digging into her foundation and framework, including her “I help” statement, she took time to build out the tech side of her business, including a website, landing page, sales page, etc…

It’s vital to do all of this work before you launch your online business.

In addition, setting aside time (for Jackie it was about 30 days) to learn about your ideal client, clarify the pain points they feel, and to attract people into your business will all set you up for a successful business launch for your coaching or course-based business.

Jackie followed the plan in the program with integrity because the system works! And then she was ready to actually launch! 


Jackie shares, “I used Ashley’s 4-day FB launch format and utilized her Trello board and the e-mail templates she provides in the course to do all my launch marketing. I also did Instagram reels and posts and was pretty active on my personal FB feed and stories leading up to the challenge and during the challenge.”

She had 40 women sign up for the challenge, and on average, had 15 women in the calls for the challenge. It takes a lot of emails, lots of posts, lots of planning and excitement to get to this point! At this point in a launch, it’s easy to start to get overwhelmed and to wonder if what you are doing is worth it! (Here’s a great episode – #97- about live launching  Live Launching? Learn How to Avoid Overwhelm and Navigate the Emotional Rollercoaster of Launching (Even With Kids at Home) )

In the end, through this challenge, and by nurturing her audience, she has brought in almost $10K and she’s preparing for her next launch in the new year! 

Here’s the truth: starting a business is going to take sacrifice. You’ll need to invest in yourself instead of wasting time to try and DIY your way to success. Building a legacy business is always going to be a better investment than spending it on a vacation or an expensive car. Making sacrifices now will lead to generational wealth for future generations.


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