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Okay guys, let me tell you → I get so tired of seeing constant ads where people say you can make money on auto-pilot, earn passive income, live this dream life with money just flowing in while you’re sipping margaritas in Bali. BUT, they don’t give you any context. So, I want to give you realistic expectations, give you the context of how I do make passive income while sipping my margarita on a beach in Bali. 🍹🔆

I think it’s disheartening sometimes because, especially as a Christian business, honesty is very important.  And right now, I really don’t believe passive income is totally passive.


How many “gurus” have sold you the lie that to build an online business, all you need to do is create a course, build a funnel and then BAM – clients will come marching in the door through organic or paid marketing?

What these “gurus” don’t tell you is…

❌ Online business owners are always tweaking funnels –  it works for a time, then an offer will fizzle and changes need to be made.

❌ Technology changes (hello Facebook Ads IOS Updates) – you have to keep up with the changes and adjust strategy when needed.

❌ The economy DOES hurt the online sales gravy train and you have to be able to adapt.

❌ Managing a team so things can be “passive” is hard – having staff turn over, training new people and all the different dynamics is difficult and stressful at times.

❌ It takes you a ton of work to set up – a lot of hustle, a lot of strategy.

❌ We still feel like quitting some days! Some days you’re just tired – tired of adjusting strategy, feeling like I’m not making the money that I want to make, that things aren’t moving quickly. In entrepreneurship, you have those emotions, the days when you’re just tired.

❌ Connection IS necessary for conversions and can’t always be automated.


It’s not exactly a lie, but I do think it’s a half truth.  A lot of coaches will sell you that half truth because you like the flashy numbers, you don’t want to do the actual work, and you’re just looking to buy your way out of the struggle. 

But strategy comes and GOES. A successful strategy could be wiped out with a change in technology. So, you have to be innovative and creative. That’s why I teach online business owners to build courses & coaching programs on a strong foundation and in a Biblical way. You want your business built on a foundation of stone, not of sand.


Today, I just wanted to bust the myth that passive income is totally passive, because it’s not. However, it is possible for a season to have a lot of passive income where your funnels are converting, and converting, and converting. The gravy trains are awesome so take advantage of that time and be strategic about how and what you automate. Overall, it’s a really awesome way to build a business.

But also, when it comes to this desire for passive income, remember where God has called you to serve. Sometimes he’s not calling you to serve in a passive way. So, it’s not always about finding the easiest way of doing something. For me, I really feel called to show up for my online community. I feel like God has called me to serve, to mentor and coach, and be in relationship with those in my online community.

Once again, it’s not just about the easiest way. It’s about figuring out where God has called you to serve and what that looks like for you in this season. 

Also, just a reminder that I added the link to the FREE God-Given Online Biz Masterclass! If you want to build a business that is around your God-given calling, and you want to learn my foundational steps for doing this in Biblical alignment, I have a five phase process for this and I will share all of it in the masterclass. You’re going to walk away feeling really excited and confident that God has a plan for you here.

Alright guys, I’ll see you later and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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