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Today, on the She’s Wild & Radiant Christian Business Podcast, I wanted to give you some quick tips and thoughts I have about niching down your target audience, which is a common question I get. I think that the people who haven’t niched down just don’t grow. This is because they’re lacking aim, lacking focus.


A lot of people don’t niche down out of a place of fear. They worry about hurting someone’s feelings and worry about not being open to everyone…I think this INCLUSION mentally actually hurts us and is more of a cultural thing than a sound business strategy. Not in a bad way, but I think that if you go from the place of inclusion you are actually marketing to a specific type of person. This could actually hurt what you’re trying to build because you won’t be aligned with the type of client that God has called you to work with.

You have to know who your target audience is and create content and services for them. This has nothing to do with politics or discrimination, it’s basic marketing strategy. For example, when I was at a photography conference a few years ago, I went to a class that was talking about marketing to the wedding industry. They were saying that to market well in the wedding photography industry, you have to have a really inclusive portfolio, including couples of different races and sexual orientations. 

For me, as a Christian business owner, I absolutely would not diversify my portfolio with things that go against my biblical beliefs, such as inclusion of diverse sexual orientation. However, getting back to strictly marketing strategy, there are different parts of the country where your portfolio is going to look a little bit different. In Colorado, for example, the population of the African American community is only 6%. So it wouldn’t make sense to have a super diverse portfolio when you live in an area where your clients coming in are not super diverse. It has nothing to do with the political race discussion.


If you’re trying to bring a certain person into your business, but you’re not saying who that person is supposed to be and building your content, services, programs, and marketing around that person, you’re just going to be speaking to everyone and your business is not going to thrive. If you have not niched down, you need to narrow your target. If you don’t have a narrow target, you’ll miss your aim. On the other hand, having a specific target client will help you streamline and start to see real success in your business.

When I niched down to working specifically in the faith-based market, I saw a huge change in the type of clientele I had coming in. Before then, I had a wide range of clients, which created a dynamic in my community that wasn’t very cohesive. When I started being honest with who I was and what God had put on my heart to speak; stopped being afraid to share my faith and of the hard conversations, I had a shift in clientele. I was attracting my target client and the ones who didn’t agree with the biblical values I hold were the ones who left my business.


If you identify and narrow down your niche from the beginning you will build your client base with people who fit that target for your business. You will attract those clients because you are writing to them, you’re giving them a home, you’re creating a sanctuary for them. But if you don’t, you’ll find like I did, that you will open yourself up to a community that is not in alignment with your values. You open yourself up to confusion and lack of direction. 

I hope this coaching advice was helpful today and gets you to think about the best approach and best niche for your business. If you’re on the fence wanting to niche down, feeling called and pulled in a certain direction, I highly encourage you to consider it. 

And don’t make a decision out of fear. Just remember that the right people will say yes to you, even if you niche down and they don’t totally like, believe or agree, the right people will still say yes to you.

If you’ve been asking, should I niche down in my online business? Heck yes, you should!


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