63. Stop Feeling Split in Two: How to Prioritize Raising Your Family While Building a Wildly Successful Business With Elizabeth Hartke

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If you are a mom and an entrepreneur, I guarantee you struggle with the whole work/life balance at one point or another. We constantly feel torn and guilty in that whatever we are doing, we should be doing the other thing. Special guest Elizabeth Hartke is on the podcast and giving insight to how she has figured out how to run a business and instill entrepreneurial wisdom into her kids while maintaining a healthy family balance. This Christian Business Podcast episode is a must listen for all the mompreneurs out there.

Stop splitting Your Biz and Fam

It is a shift of mindset. Our kids need to see the hard work and sacrifice we are making in order to create wealth for the family. Including them in the process is SO important. Yes, we need to have clear boundaries about work time and family time, but our kids also need to see how to build wealth and by doing that, it alleviates a lot of pressure.

Find Your True North

Sit down as a family and come up with your values and mission. They should directly align with your business values and mission. By having these two aligned, it makes decision making much easier and gives your business and family a consistency that is so important. 

Make it a Family Affair

Let your kids sit on your lap and see what you are working on. Tell them when you are working on something important and how THEY can help. By including them in the process and communicating what needs to be done and why it is important, they are learning what is important and seeing how to build a business. Continually have conversations at the table so they can see the ins and outs of business and why it is important to the family

Create White Space

If you don’t create downtime and white space on your calendar, it isn’t going to magically appear. You have to have seasons of rest and unscheduled time. Make it a priority or your kids will start to resent your business.

By taking the pressure off of separating your business and your family, you can have more freedom and less guilt! Being aligned with God and having a consistent family and business mission, ensures that every decision you make will be clear and move you forward toward a common goal.


Elizabeth Hartke is an international Business and Leadership Strategist and Founder of the Luminary Leadership Company and podcast. She works to elevate successful entrepreneurs into powerful leaders so they can do work that matters. Elizabeth has shown thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe how to shift from just building a business to creating a legacy. Get a copy of her FREE guide “True North”. And follow Elizabeth on Instagram for more of her entrepreneurial parenting advice.

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