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Marina and Ashley started to notice that the current fitness culture wasn’t honoring God. They found that if they were going to make a change in the world and really reclaim the culture in all aspects, not just fitness, they needed to reclaim it on the spiritual side AND the physical side. So, they started Jab Cross Jab to combine worship with workouts. Their dream of owning a business that honored God and met their goals has been a road of obedience and through a series of open and closed doors. They have created a new kind of business that meets both the physical and spiritual needs of women and their advice about starting a new business that honors God is on the podcast. 

God is Preparing You:

We are not just called to survive, but to thrive. The world is moving away from God, and he has been calling us back to Him. By spending time in God’s presence and asking Him what comes next, He is preparing you and paving the way for His plans. By exercising that obedience, we get to see God’s design play out.

Reject the Current Culture:

Instead of focusing on the self-love and “me time” that the world is promoting, we need to focus on worship, time with God and that our bodies are a temple. By flipping the narrative, we can use and move our bodies with intention and make it a spiritual and physical act. Instead of wanting to look good in a bikini, you can think about being a good steward of the body God has entrusted you.

Live in Community:

By creating a community of women, we have been able to come together and worship while doing our workouts.  We have found that networks and connections provide a structure of accountability where you can be challenged to show up and shine your light into the darkness. Surround yourself with people who will challenge culture, live according to God’s will and encourage you to live your life with purpose.

This Christian Business Podcast is sure to encourage you as you endeavor to honor God in your business and your sphere of influence!


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