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If you are an entrepreneur, you know that the last year and a half has been a rollercoaster for business owners, especially for Christian Women Business Owners.

In this episode, Ashton and Rebecca share their unique stories of how God worked in their lives and helped them start their businesses. Not only businesses that are surviving but businesses that are thriving even in the midst of current world conditions. 


Ashton dealt with fear when starting her business. She had her business LLC for 9 months before even announcing her intent to start a business. Did you know we have 40 to 60,000 thoughts a day and 98% of those thoughts are the same as yesterday? However, 80% of them are negative and therefore drive our actions to fear. Within a week of “starting” her business, she found Ashley June and her photography challenge. It was as if God was leading her right to where she needed to go to get her business off to a solid foundation not only in the business realm, but also in the spiritual realm.

Ashton took a chance and invested in the Photo Bloom Signature Course and within a month, was starting to see sales that allowed her to not only pay for her investment, but also start turning a profit. She started her business just before the pandemic and yet her business grew like crazy during 2020 and she started making consistent sales of over $1000 and even made $7500 from one sale! Not only that, she has a community of fellow business owners and believers and a great friendship with Ashley!


Rebecca is a wildlife and fine art photographer that also enrolled in Ashley’s challenge and program. She was more of a “side job” kind of photographer and decided it was time to take her photography to the next level. However, during COVID, she has lost 8 family members and her process has been more slow and steady. The group and community has been HUGE for her and helped give comfort and build confidence. Despite life difficulties, she was able to revamp her website and start selling her fine art on her website and keeping the profits instead of paying for gallery space. She also utilized the fact that the program restarts every few months and she could get caught up on the things she missed the first time around. This was a game changer for Rebecca and allowed her to move at her own pace.

Now Rebecca is building out her business and doing virtual consults all over the nation and selling her prints to people and businesses everywhere. It has catapulted her business to the next level even in the midst of a chaotic life season and a world pandemic.

Both of these ladies built their businesses at their own pace and in their own way using the foundation of the program I have built. It has allowed them freedom and growth even in the craziness of the world. Could you benefit from a Christian Business Coach or a Christian Women’s Business Coach?

Calling All Photographers!

If you are a photographer looking to start, launch, build, or scale a photography business, join the Unstoppable Bloom Academy. You will get access to me and my incredible community of students. At the end of the day, the most important part is that we love Jesus and we are doing this business thing together. Registration is coming to a close on Friday, November 5th. Can’t wait to see you on the inside!


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