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We all know that it’s hard building businesses in our world. There is so much wickedness and it is scary. Unfortunately, we have become a Church that is apathetic and thinks God has called us for comfort. However, God called us for courage and to build things in alignment with his word. When we start incorporating our faith into our business, we can get worried about people judging us and we start to take advice from people who don’t follow the same standards as we do. As believers it is time to build a set-apart business that glorifies him, and here are three ways to do that.

Give Everything to Him

Put your business on the altar. God is the one who designed it all, so he has it handled. I recently listened to a podcast and it said if you give something up, then no one can take something from you. So, as you lay your business down, think about that.

Choose To Overcome Fear

We have been called for this very time and we need to choose to overcome our fear! Believe me, I still get scared when people call me out and say mean things, but we need to think about how God has given us the ability to overcome these fears.

Be a Voice

My whole mission for my business has changed over the last two years. As an online Christian business coach, I want to change the culture, be the voice, and encourage others to have the bravery to change their business.

Your business is your ministry. What is our purpose if we aren’t moving the Kingdom forward? Do something that counts! If you are ready to learn how to tap into what God has called you to do and launch your online business this year, I want to invite you to the set-apart launch 2-week challenge Monday, starting September 20th. It is completely FREE! I will be sharing how I enrolled over $140K of new clients in 6 weeks, and so much more. 


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