Episode 160. How I Plan + Market 5-Figure Beach Retreats for Online Business Owners

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I am excited to share in this episode how I plan and market my 5-Figure Beach Retreats! I have been planning retreats for a long time and have planned a lot of them. I have a structure and a flow to my retreats that are executed well and I am excited to share this knowledge with you! 

I am currently still in Costa Rica with my family. Over the next couple of weeks, I am excited to be sharing about what this last retreat experience was like, more on the results of the last Launch, some of the other different things that have been happening in my world and details on some exciting things that are coming up! 

We are in Costa Rica, as a family, to get away for a little bit. We wanted to reset habits, rhythms, and routines. This year has been a busy one for us, with starting homeschooling, doing projects, and not a lot of normality to our days. We have been so excited planning this trip and getting to go! We needed this time to retreat from the daily chaos of life and all the things. Part of the reason we decided to homeschool this year was so we could do this big trip. You never know what God has in store for the future, but I am really loving homeschool. I feel like my rhythms are resetting and my nervous system is healing from all the stress and chaos of getting to all the things. It is really pleasant. Now, I am trying to figure out how I can homeschool, show up in my business and plan ahead to do all the things that matter. 

Today we are going to talk about how I plan and market my 5-Figure retreats. I love retreats and live events like this. I love creating experiences, having fun and experiencing community. I have brought a lot of that creativity and love of events into my business through the use of retreats. I am excited to share my wisdom and knowledge about this with you guys. If you would like to get on a waitlist for next year’s retreat click here

To start this topic off, I want to say first and foremost, that retreats don’t bring in a whole lot of money! Retreats alone are rarely going to be super profitable. They are typically not a good business model to base your business off. Part of the reason for this is because the cost to have a retreat is so incredibly high. You need to go into retreat planning knowing the structure of how retreats work and make the decision if they are worth the work, regarding how much time, money and investment it takes to plan them. One of the biggest reasons that my retreats are so successful is that they are marketed to people that are already in my world. Most of my attendees have already bought something from me before, or are involved in some other way. Trying to sell retreat tickets to a cold audience is a lot harder. 


If you do want to successfully plan a retreat, I am going to give you some tips on how I do this and what has worked for me. First off, you really need to create a theme for your retreat. Some examples would be: Fun, Rest/Healing, Work, Community Building. As you are planning a retreat, you need to ask yourself what your theme is going to be.

A fun retreat is an example of what we just did in Costa Rica. It was designed to get people out of their comfort zones. We still got some work done, but it was more of a fun, healing experience.

A work retreat is where you are just getting stuff done. It is heavy in learning, application oriented, and is exhausting. You are learning, doing, learning, doing. This type of retreat is still amazing, but you don’t walk away feeling rested and restored. You will probably walk away from a work retreat feeling exhausted. My Funnel Retreats would be an example of a work retreat. 

A community building retreat is one that is mostly fun and laid back, with a bit of an agenda. It is mostly focused on connection. I do Community Retreats for our coaching community. Ours are usually at the beach somewhere. These are very laid back and fun. We do a little learning about what people are doing in their businesses, but these are more focused on connection. These retreats include lots of down time, photos and videos, and usually a fun excursion.

When you are pricing a retreat, you need to look at the expenses, but also at what the outcome of the retreat will be. For instance, my community retreat would not be as pricey as a fun or work retreat. That is because those are much more work for me.


When you are developing a retreat, you need to have an actual marketing plan. You can’t just ask people to come sign up for the retreat. You need to walk through a launch process to fill your retreats. People typically sign up in stages… early bird, normal, to the last minute people. We still need to email, create posts, and talk about what we are doing. We need to brand the retreat, talk about the benefits and why people should sign up. Put your retreat out there with an actual plan in mind. Make sure you give your retreat the proper amount of time and space to properly launch it out into the community, so that people have time to sign up for it.


You need to make sure that you have enough help and support for the retreat. You need a team of helpers. Those people need to be your brain power and help take the load off. Make sure that you can equip and empower other people to take on those roles. For my big retreats, like Costa Rica, we have about one helper for every attendee. Some of those helpers are, photographer, videographer, a retreat coordinator, and a floater person who is there to fill in the gaps as needed. For my community retreats, I still have a lot of helpers, but I actually have the community help with more things, like the cooking and the cleaning. This also helps keep the retreat cost lower. You can’t do these retreats alone! You need people in this world with you to help make your retreats be successful. 

Another thing I did, regarding retreats, was that I started doing them locally. The first one that I did was just going into the mountains in Colorado and renting a big house with other photographers. When I started my online business was when I started doing paid retreats where I was making a little profit. These retreats were combined with programs and building the structure up more. Ease into doing retreats. Learn from your mistakes each time you do one. Use your creativity without having to create a crazy retreat experience.


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With the 2023 Costa Rica retreat behind us, we’re thrilled to share that it was a remarkable experience. While this year’s event has come to a close, you can secure your spot on the waitlist for the 2024 and future retreats. Rest assured; we’ll keep you updated on the exciting plans for our upcoming AUDACIOUS retreats!

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