Episode 158. Protecting Your Pearls - Choosing Who You Let Speak Into Your Life, Family + Online Business with Biblical Discernment

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Today we are going to be talking about Protecting Your Pearls. When you enter into the online Christian coaching world, there are people who are looking for your weaknesses and are wanting your demise as an online coach. Since we live in a fallen world, not everyone has the best intentions for us. Some are wanting to tear us down and take us away from what God has called us to do as Christian coaches. I have experienced this myself and am excited to share about this today.

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One of the topics that has come up in my life and continues to grow as I put myself out there, is the need to Protect Your Pearls. The Bible talks about not throwing your pearls to swine. My mom would use this verse with me about dating when I was growing up. Choosing to bring people into your life, as a business owner, is interesting. I love people and I love relationships. I love being close to people and I have connections to lots of them. However, when you are a leader in your space, there are people out there who just want to see you fail. 

Let’s make sure that we are the type of people that are not only protecting our pearls, but are also protecting the hearts of other people. We are called to be vulnerable and real. However, there is a line when it comes to protecting your family and other things that are near and dear to us. We need to not be naive when it comes to this stuff. Remember that God is the only one who truly knows us. 


Be careful, especially with social media, with how others can too quickly idolize you. When this happens, it causes them to demonize you quickly as well. Lots of times those that idolize you are also watching for you to fall. They want to expose your fall because that makes them feel better about themselves. There is a lot of brokenness in the world that causes hurt people to hurt others. They are just waiting to expose people’s mistakes. 


People often end up projecting their stuff onto the person they idolize. You know, when people throw their own issues onto you? It happens more often than you’d think. Have you ever met someone more successful than you who’s constantly criticizing and tearing others down? It’s strange, right? But, the truth is, if you’re a leader, you’re going to encounter this a lot. It’s like a spirit of control and manipulation, sometimes referred to as the “Jezebel spirit.”

We need to be people who are not writing unwritten expectations for people. We shouldn’t be looking for others to act a certain way, or struggle with a certain thing. This causes us to project our reality onto someone and causes them to fail. 


As a leader, it’s important to protect your pearls! Choose who gets to speak into your life, who gets to come into your life, and who gets access to those close things in your life.

Have you ever crossed paths with someone who never owns up to their actions? It’s a common trait in people dealing with personality disorders, often stemming from deep-seated trauma and shame. They leave a trail of chaos behind them. While it’s essential to show love and compassion, it’s also okay to set boundaries and recognize that keeping such people in your life might not always be healthy. Remember, the truth always finds its way to the surface.

 It’s okay to set boundaries. But, have a heart of humility and take ownership of your actions. Be realistic about who God has created you to be. We are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that is OKAY. 

God wants to heal a lot of people. As a leader, how can you help heal others, but also protect your pearls in those moments? Remember that the truth will always come to the light. Continue to have a heart of humility. Just imagine what life could really be like if the root of trauma is addressed. There would be so much freedom. God can do work in all situations. Have a massive heart check! Look at your motives! Check your mindset. Surrender it all to God! God will never let you fail! Never feel bad about protecting your pearls.


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