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As a Christian Business Coach, my business mission is shifting a bit…what I’m doing isn’t changing, but my mission and vision is. Going into this next year, I believe we are called as the church is revival within the family. As believers, our goal should be to be present in our family and also build generational wealth. Entrepreneurship is a pillar of a family that is functioning outside of the world’s system and bringing change to our country. In order to bring that revival, we need to build a business. Today on the podcast, we’ll be talking about 3 types of business – and how growing the right kind of business can change your family for the next generation!


In this phase, you are the grunt and in the weeds. You will reach a point where you will have to scale in order to make more money. This might mean growing a team, raising your prices, or increasing your hours. But you want to move into the scale business as quickly as possible to help build that generational wealth, financial stability, and also impact your community and church. This is setting your family up for success in the future.


In the online world with a scale business, you really have the opportunity to build passive income. It allows you to run your business behind the scenes so you have the cash to really invest in other opportunities. Making sacrifices at this level helps you move into having a freedom business, allowing you to be a contributing member of society, provide for your family, and invest in the future! 


At this level, you are building your assets, including real estate, multiple investments, and passive income. The work won’t be completely hands off, because there is always maintenance, but it is a different kind of work than the Service or Scale phase. The rewards are real, but it does require a risk. You have to sow into the season you are in – and you might not see the return right away, but it will come with faithful obedience. 

All of this work leads into having generational wealth, leaving an inheritance for our families, and having a solid plan for retirement. You must have an online business in your wheelhouse, including one that is scalable. It’s time to step away from the idea of “just enough” – are we really grasping what God wants to do in our lives? It’s time to dream and build an online business! 


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